our origin story

In the beginning was the Word, and the word was…WHATEVER!

At 10yrs old, I was remarkably certain of two things: 1) I absolutely loved being outdoors and 2) I absolutely hated reading. Embarassingly, my parents assured me that this was quite “UN-remarkable” and subsequently banished me to spend an entire summer at my loving Aunt’s House to learn how to value reading – to which I could only respond…whatever! And even though that summer’s readings varied from baseball headlines to fishing trotlines, it would still take years before I was actually able to enjoy reading at all.

Flash-forward to 2018. My 10 yr old daughter is in the middle of devouring her second book…of the weekend?! How was she doing that? It took blood, sweat, and years of tears before I could manage that! It was as if somehow she could just slip off and disappear into another world – a world she inhabited all by herself.

What I later came to realize was that she was completely disconnecting from her surroundings. Whether it was in the backyard or the bathtub. Treetops or bus stops. She was unapologetically “Getting Lost” –  in every sense of the phrase. No phone, no tablet, no connections whatsoever. And that’s when it hit me: She was going OffGrid.

So….the real question is: Are your ready to Learn To Get Lost?

We sincerely hope you are,

OffGrid Kidz


To inspire, challenge and empower readers of all levels to experience literacy in an entirely independent and introspective new way…OffGrid.


To prompt and promote an “OffGrid” mentality towards literacy – where readers are challenged to think critically and experience a healthy new reading lifestyle on their own.