Ready to Get Lost?

Awaken - level 1

Whether you’re a homework hater or Fortnite player, prepare for a mind blowing reading experience. This Level 1 Challenge is guaranteed to awaken even the most reluctant readers. From discovering that secret spot to unraveling a complicated plot – OGK will guide you all the way.

explore - level 2

Simply can’t find the reading motivation anymore? It’s time to get OffGrid and explore an entirely new reading experience! Whether it’s painting a fence with Tom Sawyer, or digging Holes with Stanley Yelnats – this Level 2 Challenge guarantees to reignite and reunite readers with their literary passions. 

summit - level 3

Extreme measures for the most extreme readers. This Level 3 Challenge will push readers to the limits. From critical readers to literacy leaders, OGK will build the comprehension and analysis skills to elevate readers beyond the imaginable. Courage alone won’t suffice – this journey is all about going to the edge!


While most people think of going “OffGrid” as a cord-cutting, power reducing way of life, we at OffGrid Kidz think of it more as a holistic reading mentality. Some people refer to it as being in the “zone”. It’s losing yourself completely and the process by which an individual unplugs from their surroundings and experiences something new.

Briefly, it’s something I went through as a struggling young reader. And after 20+ years teaching reading, I decided to step into the arena and dig deeper into why kids like to read – instead of why they should read. Check out the Our Story link below for the nitty-gritty. It was quite an interesting journey!

Of course! But beware – the key to success is starting at the correct level. You wouldn’t want to run a marathon if you haven’t trained for it.

Monthly. Each program begins on the 1st of the month and ends on the last day. Additionally, it is important to remember that much like exercising, each muscle requires specific activation in order to grow – so realistically, some challenges may have overlapping requirements. 

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, a large part of OGK is all about celebrating success! Remember, just because you go OffGrid doesn’t mean you need to throw away your cellphones and laptops. Bring your Best Brag or Show off your OGK Swag – every single day is a chance for new connections and exciting adventures!